Building Blocks Walker

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Product Name: Wooden Blocks Walker

The Wooden Blocks Walker is an innovative and interactive assistance tool designed to support children in their early developmental stages. Carefully crafted from high-quality, sustainable wood, our walker combines the classic appeal of wooden blocks with the functionality of a traditional walker. Here's a description of its features:

1. Sturdy Construction: The walker is built with a durable wooden frame, providing stability and security during your child's first steps. The robust design ensures long-lasting use, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

2. Block Storage: The walker features a spacious storage compartment underneath the handlebar. This compartment is specifically designed to hold various wooden blocks, allowing your child to easily access and engage with them during playtime.

3. Multifunctional Handlebar: The handlebar is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip for your child. It serves not only as a support for walking but also as a platform for attaching and arranging the included wooden blocks. This feature encourages imaginative play and enhances hand-eye coordination.

4. Educational Experience: The wooden blocks included with the walker are thoughtfully designed with vibrant colors and different shapes. This stimulates visual perception and cognitive development, helping your child learn about colors, shapes, and patterns from an early age.

5. Safe and Non-Toxic: We prioritize your child's safety, which is why our Wooden Blocks Walker is made from child-safe, non-toxic materials. The smooth, rounded edges minimize the risk of accidental scratches or injuries during play.

6. Adjustable Height: The walker has an adjustable handlebar, allowing it to grow along with your child. As your little one grows taller, you can simply adjust the height to ensure optimal support and comfort.

7. Easy Maneuverability: The walker is equipped with four sturdy wheels, ensuring smooth mobility on various surfaces. The wheels feature a 360-degree rotation capability, enabling your child to navigate corners and turns effortlessly.

8. Compact and Space-Saving: When not in use, the Wooden Blocks Walker can be conveniently folded for easy storage. Its compact design allows for hassle-free transportation and minimizes clutter in your living space.

The Wooden Blocks Walker is more than just a walking aid; it's a tool that promotes cognitive development, creativity, and motor skills in an engaging and safe manner. Watch your child take their first steps while uncovering a world of educational exploration and fun with the Wooden Blocks Walker.

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Eduspark Toys has been a game-changer for my kids' learning. They absolutely love the interactive kits!

- Riya Sharma

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Fantastic educational toys! My son’s creativity and problem-solving skills have improved immensely.

- Amit Patel

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Eduspark Toys combines fun and learning perfectly. Highly recommend for young children!

- Priya Nair

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The quality of the toys is excellent, and they are very engaging. Great for early education!

- Rohit Mehta

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My daughter has learned so much with Eduspark Toys. Their products are innovative and educational!

- Anjali Verma

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What type of material do you use?

To produce our toys, we use mainly premium quality materials such as beechwood and rubberwood, for some parts we also use high quality plywood, pine and MDF.

Where are your products made?

Our toys are made in India. We manufacture in our own factory as well as work closely with several large factories and periodically visit manufacturers. It is very important to us to know that the standards of quality and labor safety are in line with the world’s highest standards.

Does your product contain phthalates?

No, our toys do not contain phthalates or any other toxic substances dangerous for a child.

How are your toys tested?

When we start work on a new toy, we always think about making the toy useful, educational and of course, safe. To achieve this, we start at the development stage and think over all the design features associated with it. Then, before launching into production, the toy is tested in an independent laboratory, where it is comprehensively checked to be completely safe for the child.

How do I know that your toys are safe for my child?

The safety of the child is one of the basic principles on which our work on any toy is based.

What is the size of the parts dangerous to choke?

There is a basic tool called the small parts test fixture. It is a small cylinder tube that is 1.25 inches in diameter and between 1 and 2.25 inches deep. It is designed to mimic a child’s mouth and pharynx. Any object that fits in the tube is considered a small part and must have a label on its packaging indicating it is a choking hazard for small children. Our Toys are to be used under adult supervision only.

What type of dyes do you use on your products?

Generally, we use safe, water-based colors.

How should I care for wooden toys?

First of all, you should remember that submersion or exposure to water can cause the wood to swell and distort. To clean wooden toys, you may apply a wet towel and once cleaned any moisture should be removed immediately with a dry cloth.