5 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are The Best

Here’s Why Wooden Toys are the Best for Kids

This blog isn't a debate about 'good toy vs bad toy' it is simply about bringing to light why wooden toys are a better option for your baby. As we all know, as soon as a baby turns into a toddler, keeping them occupied gets more difficult. They keep running around, fidgeting with things, gnawing anything they get hence, keeping them busy with the right toys is essential and wooden toys are considered that. The 5 following reasons make wooden toys a more preferred choice.


Cheap quality plastic toys are easily available in the market but little do we know the cheap brings many drawbacks with it. For a toddler, it is about taking any and everything in their mouth. So it is essential to make the right choice by investing in wooden toys as they are considered safer than plastic. They are natural with some wood also, containing anti-bacterial components. They are durable and do not leave behind sharp edges if they break, unlike plastic toys.


Speaking of durability, wooden toys are durable and a perfect fit for a baby. The little ones throw things up the air with no awareness of consequences, in such situations plastic toys can get damaged. But wood can bear all the rough treatment and you won't be buying new toys every second day.

Effective in psychological development

Wooden toys allow open-ended play. It helps in the psychological development or cognitive development of a child by allowing them to be more creative with their ideas and innovative with their actions. Wooden toys are appealing and soothing to a baby's sense of touch as it is warm, tactile and smooth. It also helps the baby comprehend the volume, shape and weight of the object.

Environment Friendly

Contribute your share to the environment by investing in wooden toys! Wooden toys or wooden blocks can be recycled and are biodegradable. Every time you get your child a wooden toy, you're doing your bit in saving the planet and also, passing down great morals to your kid.

Wooden toys are inexpensive

Yes, that's correct! While the forthright expense is more than toys made of plastic, the lifespan of wooden toys is considerably more than plastic toys. The wooden toys last decades whereas with plastic toys the chances of breaking is high. The wooden ones can be passed down and can be reused. The overall usage and features of a wooden toy or a wooden block will certainly help you save a sizable portion of your pocket.

Keep the benefits of wooden toys in mind, let’s give the kids a healthy and safe start in life with long-lasting wooden toys that includes natural biodegradable components, helps inspire creativity, promote learning and give a boost to their imaginations to fly high. Choosing between plastic and wooden toys must not be an all-or-nothing attitude. All you have to do is get started, so make the right choice when you can. Visit Eduspark for the best children educational toys.

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