6 Interesting Educational Toys For 3 Year Olds

Tracking your three-year-old's interests and development can seem like a game of charades or a sprint (sometimes literally). The most appealing and best learning toy for three-year-olds offers various choices for manipulative and manual play. The children of this age use their fine motor skills in more explicit ways, like fitting, twisting and stacking tiny chunks or pieces. So, getting the children’s educational toys is an ideal decision. Certain toys are more likely to be a hit as a 3-year-old would prefer something to scoot, wiggle, and bounce. The desperation is higher which makes them prone to using limitless energy. Keep reading the article to discover some of the best educational toys and gifts for a 3-year-old in 2022. 

The Magnetic Fruit Cutting Set

The 12 piece magnetic fruit cutting set is the ultimate educational toy set you can get for your child. Your little master chef will not only cook and cut with no danger but will develop skills too. A toy set that will help with hand flexibility and hand-eye coordination. So get this set and train your chef young! An ultimate children’s educational toy.

120 PC Wooden City Blocks

Have you noticed the look on a child when they complete a task successfully, well that is certainly a highlight in a child’s early education, a mix of pride, success, and satisfaction. The wooden city blocks are an educational toy that will help your child develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, colour and shape recognition. So get your child the stacking toy and give them a sense of achievement and space to imagine and create. So, get your little bob the builder, the wooden city blocks and let them rebuild the city. 

Rainbow Pebbles Toy

Stack, tumble, learn!

Perfect for developing creative design and motor skills. How many rainbow pebbles can you heap before they tumble down? This educational toy for a 3-year-old stimulates counting, sorting, heaping, creating and constructing art, visual perception and more. The ultimate toy to homeschool your child with the best teachings. Find the best educational toy for 3-year-olds at Eduspark Toy.

Classification of Fruits Toy

Fruit toy comes with a pack of 7 pattern cards, 1 wooden board, clip, spoon and several mini fruits. This educational toy for a 3-year-olds helps the little one initially sort colours, then shapes and then move on to numbers. Developing logical thinking, geometric cognition, and boosts imagination and creativity. 

Wooden Multifunction Fishing Game

One toy, seven learning! The Wooden Multifunction Fishing Game is one of the best learning toys for three-year-olds. Benefits in fine motor skills, colour classification, problem-solving, better concentration, and hand-eye coordination. A game that won't just help your child fish and enjoy, but also learn!

Wooden Cleaning Cart

Setting morals young! 

The Wooden Cleaning Cart is a superb pretend-to-play cleaning set to solidify the right habits and morals in your child. Teaches the importance of cleaning and segregation of trash, with no sense of gender discrimination. Develop motor skills, imagination, creativity while cultivating responsibility and confidence in your child. Making the wooden cleaning cart the best learning toy for three-year-olds.

At Eduspark toys, we aim to make playing educational for your child with the best educational toys for 3-year-olds. Every toy has its unique angle that will help your child develop a new skill. The learning experience of a 1-year-old differs from a 3-year-old so, it is important to switch toys at every age or get the right toy as per the child’s age. 

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