10+ Advantages of Wooden Toys

Having researched extensively over the past 6 years about toys and how it’s best to use them I have more and more advocated the use of wooden toys in our children’s play time. Ilove wooden toys! My baby girl maybe has a little bit too much of them but there are just so many benefits of wooden toys over plastic toys. Here I have listed more than 10 advantages of wooden toys.



1. They are not plastic. The production of plastic toys requires fossil fuels which is very harmful to our planet. Also turning crude oil into a toy is a very energy-demanding process that also requires (and pollutes) a lot of water. Non-organically made toys, such as plastic and metal, are known for having toxic substances such as BPA, PVC, lead paint and so on. For young children, who tend to put toys in their mouths this can be especially dangerous. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are organic, non-toxic and naturally antibacterial.


2. Wooden toys are very eco-friendly as it decomposes much more quickly compared to plastic toys. A recent study shows that an average of 3 months after Christmas 41% of all plastic toys ends up in the landfill. If wooden toys end up in landfills, it won’t still be there after hundreds of years but plastic does.


3. Wooden toys inspire creative and imaginative play in children as they are often ‘open-ended’ toys meaning; there is not one specific way to play with it. This stimulates your kid's imagination. Wooden toys are developmentally stimulating toys.


4. Wooden toys have great durability. My baby girl is currently playing with a wooden cart with blocks that is probably over 50 years old. It has been handed down for generations and I will do the same with it.

5 Wooden toys are timeless. Like mentioned in 4, what kids like 50 years ago, is still fun for kids these days.


6 wooden toys are less distracting. They have no sound or flashing lights to distract kids playing with it. In a room with natural toys, you will find it is quieter, more peaceful, and inviting, and you will likely find your child more calm because of this.


7. The natural textures of wooden toys stimulate the child’s senses as they invite them to touch, feel and explore each surface of the toys.

8. The basic shapes of wooden toys help the development of your kid's hand-eye coordination.


9. Wooden toys reduce anxiety. Research has shown that children experience a more quiet and advantageous quality play through wooden toys than from any other material (like plastic).


10. Wooden toys stimulate children to interact and collaborate with others. Through playing with wooden building blocks with someone, they begin to share their ideas, build relationships, learn to listen and understand, as well as develop empathy.  


11. Wooden toys support a child’s cognitive growth, enhancing their thought-process, reasoning, and logic. By grabbing and lifting, balancing and stacking, merging and categorizing wooden blocks and toys children learn to make logical conclusions and learn the basic rules of physics (weights, volumes, geometry, etc.).


What is your kid's favorite wooden toy? My kid loves wooden rainbow stacker. She can add peg dolls etc and creater her own storylines. 

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